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Robin Banks, Burna Bandz, Tallup Twinz, Houdini Reaction

DJ Emiliot aka #ReactionDude has a popular series covering artists in the UK, Canada, and Asia. This week he reviews Robin Banks, Tallup Twinz, Houdini, and Burna Bandz. The single is from the "Northside Jane" mixtape compilation. Click the play button above to watch the reaction.   The compilation consists...

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Tory Lanez ft. Rich The Kid

Tory Lanez drops heat in the summer as he wants the women to be more vocal with him. His new song features Rich The Kid entitled "Talk To Me".  Click the play button above to watch the visuals. TORY LANEZ TEAMS UP WITH RICH THE KID With the music world...

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What’s The Deal with Drake’s New Deal?

Drake is the biggest rapper worldwide in 2018 and his contract situation came to a head. Will he be Cash Money or will he jump ship elsewhere? The Lebron James effect is in full mode and word is he didn't become a free agent. He has resigned his contract, but...

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Drake Takes Aim At Kanye West

Drake and Pusha T reached some fiery heights earlier this year with their rivalry.  In the crossfire has been Kanye West who allegedly helped give ammo to Pusha T. Click the play button above to watch Drake take shots at Ye from the UK! BEEF TRIANGLE: PUSHA T  VS. DRAKE...

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