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Dyces Trench Talks Writing Hip Hop, Payola, & More

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x48FLUmdPYU&feature=youtu.be WWETV NETWORK (WWETV NETWORK) Toronto hip hop artist Dyces Trench speaks with WWETV 6ix Host Leo Vance about his writing process, hip hop, and even the controversial payola issue. Have You Tried WWETV NETWORK?...

WWETV Exclusives

Is There A Method To Kanye’s Madness?

(WWETV EXCLUSIVE) Hello, let me introduce myself. I was contacted by the administration of Worldwide Entertainment TV to be it's first blog writer of entertainment news without no filter.I only agreed to do this if I was allowed to have an alias. I did not want my identity known or...

WorldWide NetworkWWETVN Exclusives

Lil Wayne Concert Reportedly Shot Up In Atlanta – Footage

(WWETV NEWS) Apparently in Atlanta tonight for the AC3 Festival there were problems with the Lil Wayne concert. Footage of the melee can be seen on WWETV's Official Instagram below. https://www.instagram.com/p/BoqKZ52hb3S/?taken-by=wwetv_worldwide AC3 Festival During the commotion you can see people running for their lives. https://www.instagram.com/p/BoqKN5Vh7P1/?taken-by=wwetv_worldwide It has been told by...

WorldWide NetworkWWETV Exclusives

Subscribe To WWETV Network

Worldwide Entertainment TV is here to provide you with all your entertainment needs. Stay Tuned with this website and also subscribe to the Worldwide Entertainment TV Network Streaming Service. Click The Play Button Above. Stay Tuned: WWETV NETWORK WorldWide Entertainment TV Noisey once proclaimed WWETV as an underground unofficial Netflix...

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