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100 Miles WWETV Interview – The Clothing Line Worn By Drake

Drake - Tupac
Drake & Tupac

(WWETV Network) Toronto is still partying over their basketball team winning the NBA’ Eastern Conference. The team has advanced to the NBA Finals which will open in Toronto. As usual, the city’s most popular artist Drake, caught everyone’s attention once again during last night’s game(May 25th).

It became very apparent to fans of Tupac Shakur and the hip hop community that Drake was paying homage to the character “Birdie” portray by the late great hip hop star. The major sports platforms such as ESPN caught the play of Drake channeling Tupac from the movie and let the world know about 100 Miles once again.

It seems Drake’s move helped in establishing some emotion in the arena and inspired everyone to get behind their team even more. WorldWide Entertainment TV spoke with the founders of the clothing line at the TDot Fest 2018 event which was the 25th anniversary event which is currently streaming on WWETV Network. The clothing line had a special segment with iconic Toronto rapper Infinite, which marked his return to the music scene in Canada.

100 Miles Clothing – WWETV Exclusive

The founder let all the rappers worldwide know that he appreciated them wearing his clothing line and making it known worldwide. Drake even after the game has finished continues to rally the troops in his hometown to keep the ruckus coming for Game 1 of the NBA Finals.