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11 Years Without Michael Jackson – Before Black Lives Matter


11 years without michael jackson

It has been eleven years since the passing of the person many proclaim to be the greatest entertainer to ever live. Michael Jackson’s music still resonates with people around the world and his impact on pop culture cannot be denied as he transcended race. This fact of history doesn’t negate how much Michael Jackson helped to give exposure to the African American culture that existed just after the civil rights movement and the subsequent decades after it.

When MJ first burst onto the scene, he was seen as a child prodigy and his brothers collectively were seen at the “Black Beatles” of their time. Who could forget the first time anyone see little Michael Jackson singing and dancing on their television screens. Although, yours truly was not old enough to see him in those early developing days, the technology of television has indeed allowed future generations to see his growth into what he would become.

It goes without saying that the little child from Gary, Indiana, would end up being one of the most popular persons ever on the planet. It also goes without saying that Michael Jackson was one of the most controversial figures in human history. No matter what your thoughts are on the entertainer, you can’t ignore that before “Black Lives Matter” came along, Michael Jackson was exposing the talent and skills of African Americans for the world to see.

He would also provide some history in some of his songs and music videos that dealt with the very same topics that the world is trying to tackle today with racial equality. He played the role of an ancient Egyptian mystic in the short film, “Remember The Time”, that showed other prominent African American figures such as the NBA Hall of Famer, Magic Johnson.

He would also speak on the KKK during his “Black or White” music video where he transformed himself into a “Black Panther”. Michael Jackson is missed by many and trended on Twitter on the anniversary of his death.

With the United States currently looking at ways to change the systemic racism that permeates throughout the culture, we take a look back at a transcending figure that lived the American Dream. He showed along with his family, that anything was possible and is attainable. Through all the criticism the family may have taken throughout the decades, one cannot take away how Michael Jackson and his familial tribe (such as his baby sister Janet Jackson starring on “Good Times” which was the first ever black family on television) did great strides for African Americans in the last century.