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Cardi B Orders Beatdown?

Cardi B supposedly threw at least one of the bottles at bartenders during the alleged attack on August 29.   CARDI B WANTS REVENGE ON WOMEN OFFSET SLEPT WITH?   According to two bartenders(originally reported as strippers) from the Angels Strip Club in New York City, Cardi B ordered members...


The Stars Pay Last Respects to Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin is known as the "Queen Of Soul" and she definitely was respected as a queen by even presidents. Her farewell song was a collection of stars lining up to pay tribute to her. Click the play button above to watch a video about the evolution of "The Queen"....

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Eminem Goes Kamikaze

Eminem's last attempt at a "Revival" did not go so well as it was panned by many as his weakest project ever. He was criticized by the likes of Joe Budden, DJ Akademiks, and more. He has now returned however taking no prisoners. Click The Play Button Above to listen....

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Kanye West Apologizes About Slavery Comment

Kanye West has upset a few people in the last few months about his affiliation with President Trump and saying slavery was a choice. He has now addressed these issues by going back to Chicago and speaking on radio. Click The Play Button Above To Watch The Video. KANYE WEST...

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Remembering Michael Jackson On His Birthday

Michael Jackson is arguably the greatest performer to ever live. Today would have marked his birthday. See Michael Jackson Behind The Mask. Click the play button above to watch the video. THE BIRTHDAY OF THE KING OF POP Michael Jackson was born in the 1960's and would have been 60...


Bobby Brown Message To Kanye West

Kanye West has been given a message from the ex husband of Whitney Houston. Click The Play Button Above To Watch The Video. KING BOBBY BROWN VS KANYE   Bobby Brown has his story coming to television. As the days come closer we are seeing him in interviews and finally...


Fans Pay Last Respects to Aretha Franklin

Fans gather in Detroit to pay their respects to the Queen Of Soul Aretha Franklin. Click the play button above to watch the video. THE FANS COME OUT IN DROVES (WWETV News) The Queen Of Soul will be put to rest for eternity later this week, but the ceremonies and...

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Quavo sat down with Hot 97 to speak about various topics such as Rihanna, Beyonce, and of course Nicki Minaj namedropping him in "Barbie Dreams". Click the play button above to watch the video. QUAVO TALKS ABOUT WOMEN IN MUSIC   “Yeah I laughed, it was funny,” he told Hot...

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Tory Lanez  co-directs with Midjordan the music video for "Kendall Jenner Music. The Made In Toronto rapper-singer pulls up in a white Rolls-Royce Wraith and takes over an airport hangar. Click the play button above to watch the video. KENDALL JENNER MUSIC Toronto artist Tory Lanez creates "Kendall Jenner Music"...

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