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2Pac’s Ex Girl Claims He Used His Wife Keisha Shakur


The life of Tupac Shakur is still talked about until this day, but there is still some mysteries that come with it. Many people did not know that he was once married to a woman named Keisha Morris. She was interviewed by BET on April 21, 1997 shortly after his murder and made it a point to state that Tupac Shakur never married her just for conjugal visits.

Keisha Morris-Shakur also did an interview in newsprint with Sister 2 Sister Magazine in May of 1997 that delves into topics not mentioned in the video above such as the tension she had with her mother in law Afeni Shakur.


Now there is someone that was close to Tupac giving a different story about his marriage to Keisha Morris. Desiree Smith who is an ex girlfriend of Shakur has done an interview proclaiming Tupac only married Keisha for conjugal visits which would contradict what she stated in the interview with BET.

I knew him first. I believe that during the time that me and him fell out he had met her and they got close

Desiree Smith

Tupac Amaru Shakur became inmate #95A1140 on February 14th 1995 after he was sentenced to one and a half to four and a half years at Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, NY on rape charges.

What we do know is Desiree Smith claims that she was the mastermind of having Tupac Shakur targeting Notorious BIG’s wife in Faith Evans. The Shakurs annulled the marriage and one can  deduce that with Pac’s plans once he got out of jail to attack BadBoy Records may have thought ahead by keeping Keisha Morris away and hidden. The only way we can know anymore about this is if Keisha Morris does a new interview since she has not given a public statement about any of this since 2011 with XXL


You know yours truly Venom gets to the root of things and it has come to my knowledge that Tupac was not allowed conjugal visits according to some prison records released a few weeks ago. Maybe Desiree Smith was actually wrong in her observation of their marriage. After all with her own words she felt that she would have been Mrs. Shakur and also felt like Tupac’s good friend Jada Pinkett-Smith that he could have done better than Keisha. Of course, one may say there was a hint of jealousy on both women’s part on Keisha having the official title of wife.

This has once again been an article by Venom for #OldSchoolSaturday