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4 Movies That Influenced Fashion and Style Trends

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Television and movies continually shape society. They affect people’s values, sources of information, cultural involvement, and trends, among many other influences. They are more than just sources of entertainment. Here are four movies that influenced the fashion world and how they changed style trends over the years.

1. A Streetcar Named Desire (1951)

The 1951 film adaptation of Streetcar Named Desire skyrocketed Marlon Brando’s career and image. Despite his unlikeable character, Brando and Stanley Kowalski caught people’s admiration with a simple white tee that later changed the fashion world.

After the movie’s debut, simple crewnecks became a symbol of heartthrobs and played a prominent role in the history of graphic tees. T-shirts became a trending fashion icon as many strove to achieve Brando’s bad-boy, dreamboat appearance.

2. Grease (1978)

After Grease aired in movie theaters, people stepped up to recreate the show’s finale costume set, especially Sandy’s rebel-era outfit. Skin-tight leather pants, scandalous off-the-shoulder tops, leather jackets, black monochromatic color palettes, and a pop of red heels shifted fashion for women.

It encouraged women to take risks and allowed them to find confidence in sexiness. For men, Brando’s bad-boy plain tee continued to showcase its influence as the official T-Birds’ uniform, but now it came paired with a leather jacket and slicked-back hair.

3. Clueless (1995)

Miniskirts, matching sets, and preppy style aesthetics came to life with the ‘90s hit movie, Clueless. Cher’s wardrobe became the “It-Girl” must-have as her bubbly personality won over more hearts than just Josh’s. It brought pop-culture fashion trends to life, highlighting the influential impact of movies on society. To Cher, fashion was her specialty—and it paid off.

4. The Great Gatsby (2013)

Despite the time gap between the roaring ‘20s and the 2010s, flapper girl aesthetics didn’t influence the fashion world until just short of 100 years later. The film adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby brought attention back to Leonardo DiCaprio as a heartthrob and brought glitter, glam, and art deco back into the picture.

As people envied the glitz of Gatsby’s lifestyle, many sought after the wardrobe of his time, especially for social soirees and parties. Thanks to The Great Gatsby movie, the roaring ‘20s style aesthetic is now an iconic party wardrobe, especially for New Year’s Eve celebrations.

These four movies that influenced the fashion world highlight the impactful power of pop culture and film. No matter the characters—toxic or loveable—their outfits catch people’s attention and make their way off the screen and onto the streets. As designers become more involved in tv shows and movie wardrobes, the media’s influence on the fashion scene continues to hold a tight grip.

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