40 Cal’s Daughter Reported To Have Committed Suicide At Niagara Falls

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Buffalo, NY – Dipset affiliate 40 Cal’s daughter has been on the search, but reports are coming that the Buffalo State College student Saniyya Dennis may have ended her own life.

According to Pix11, Buffalo authorities believe the 19-year-old committed suicide following a breakup.

Erie County District Attorney John Flynn confirmed the news on Thursday (May 6) saying, “It appears this poor girl took her own life.”

Flynn said she’d been in an argument with her boyfriend that he ended up severing ties with. Dennis continued texting him throughout the night, even telling him she was going to kill herself.

Thoughts of suicide was reconsidered according to her friends after a cooling off period, but around 11 p.m. local time, Dennis reportedly tossed several of her personal items into a garbage can.

Flynn explained Dennis then took two buses and got off at a stop near the Niagara Falls Visitor Center. Around midnight, she messaged her mother, telling her she loved her and would contact her the next day. But she also texted a male friend and said she wouldn’t be seeing him this summer.

40 Cal tried his best for the search of his daughter by asking social media to help him in his quest for Saniya Dennis. Condolences go out to the artist.

“My daughter Saniyya is missing out of Buffalo State College,” he wrote on Instagram. “Anyone with any helpful info hit my dm, any other matters respectfully don’t contact me! $10,000 for any info that connect.”