5 Celebrities Who Started Their Careers in College

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Amid our increasingly tech-obsessed world, many think that college is no longer a holy grail of education, as people can amass virtually any skill on their own. There certainly is some truth in this, but forward-looking colleges grant such exceptional opportunities that are hard to find in any other space. Whether it’s meticulously structured curricula, top-notch study tools, or exclusive connections with leaders in different spheres, there is a lot you could get from a college if you apply wisely.


To get you inspired to start planning for your dream college life, we take a look at five celebrities who started their careers in college. Some of them even chose to attend a college after getting a taste of Hollywood!

  1. Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman’s acting skills blossomed during her undergraduate college years at Harvard University, where she studied psychology. Having a vast space for electives, Natalie pursued diverse theater courses to get a grip on acting techniques. Arming herself with an in-depth understanding of psychology and elusive subconscious patterns that compel us to act, Natalie applied her knowledge to her passion for yielding the best results.


Natalie Portman established herself as an encouraging example of talent and drive by juggling her academic goals with her superb acting career. She’s a shining example of perseverance which is so important to college students, whether they pay for a term paper or work toward their dream careers. Natalie attracted audiences with her innate charisma and determination everywhere she appeared, including the prestigious halls of Harvard and the big screen.

  1. Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling, a well-known actress, comedian, and writer, began her profession while still in college. Mindy’s comic skill came to the fore while she was a student at Dartmouth College, where she pursued playwriting and acting studies. She also actively engaged in a number of theatrical performances.


After her acting career began, Mindy immediately stole the hearts of viewers with her passionate performances, like her depiction of Kelly Kapoor- the snarky but charming secretary. Kaling not only produced multiple episodes but also wrote for them, so she was great at applying her college skills to her professional life.

  1. Elon Musk

Elon Musk, a name synonymous with invention and game-changing entrepreneurship, began his journey to success at Stanford University. His first important commercial venture, Zip2, was co-founded there by him. By offering newspapers online business directories and maps, Zip2 hoped to disrupt the newspaper industry. The groundwork for Musk’s future business pursuits was laid by this early journey into technology and startups during his college years.


Elon is a great example of how hard work and perseverance can bear fruit. Many even report him sleeping at Tesla factories sometimes! Success is unthinkable without such determination. No matter the nature of your task, whether you’re looking for the best Hebrew translation services online or cooking for your family, being absolutely positive about your end goal and sticking to your plan is the only path toward success.

  1. Emma Watson

Emma Watson pursued an exciting dual route of education and performance while studying English Literature at Brown University. She chose to seize the opportunities college life had to offer despite the fact that she had already achieved considerable success as Hermione Granger in the “Harry Potter” film series.


Emma Watson continued to show off her acting prowess on the big screen while also pursuing her academic goals. She became a role model for many by juggling her acting profession and studies, showing how important it is to prioritize personal development. Emma Watson’s time at college was a critical time in her life that helped to make her the multi-talented and confident person she is today.

  1. Jodie Foster

Famous actress and filmmaker Jodie Foster started her illustrious career while still in college. Jodie attracted the attention of industry executives with her apparent talent and enthusiasm for acting while she studied at Yale.


Jodie finished her studies at Yale with honors even though she was becoming a growing star. She has won various honors during her career for her variety and brilliance as an artist, including Academy Awards for her roles in “The Accused” and “The Silence of the Lambs.”


Hard work and talent together can accomplish amazing results. No matter how talented you are, without rigorous practice, there is hardly any chance for you to shine. Be sure to try this important guide for staying mindful and healthy and never lack energy for your study routine.

Summing Up

College debate is mounting, as many more people consider it redundant in our century. But do we really have to idealize or demonize when there is so much gray area in between? College can be an exceptional asset for some but a misstep for others. The case of these stellar artists shows how careful planning and perseverance can help turn a college into a gift that keeps on giving.



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