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Multiple shot as smoke bomb set off at Brooklyn subway station

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NEW YORK — At least 13 people are hurt following a shooting and smoke bomb at a Brooklyn subway station.

It happened around 8:45 a.m. Tuesday on the R line in Sunset Park.

Police sources tell CBS2 a train pulled into the 25th Street station. As its doors opened, someone threw a smoke bomb onto the train and started shooting.

The train continued to the 34th Street station, where some of victims got off and called for help.


Police say 10 people were shot, one of them critically wounded. Others were treated for smoke inhalation and injuries from the panic that ensued.

Investigators believe this was a coordinated attack, but the motive remains unclear.

So far, the search continues for the suspect.

The D, N, and R trains are holding in stations in both directions in Brooklyn, and there are other subway delays as well.