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5 Things You Missed in The Harder They Fall! | Netflix

The Movie Everyone Is Talking About Has Easter Eggs | Showbiz with Wanda Davidson

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Learn all the secrets behind the making of The Harder They Fall. Stars Idris Elba, Regina King, Jonathan Majors and director Jeymes Samuel share five hidden details and easter eggs you may have missed on your first watch. Now streaming on Netflix.

Netflix’s The Harder They Fall is the gift that keeps on giving! On Nov. 3, the streaming service dropped a YouTube video in which part of the star-studded cast, including Regina King and Idris Elba, reveal some stunning hidden details that viewers likely missed when they watched the Western film. In the clip, director Jeymes Samuel explains the special meaning behind the Carter & Carter general store that appears throughout the town of Redwood, sharing that he drew inspiration from a couple of, ahem, A-list friends.

“It’s named after JAY-Z and Beyoncé,” Samuel said. “I was literally giving out stores like a dictator, calling up people [like], ‘What’s your middle name? We’ll name that store after you.'” He continued, “I called Jay and I was like, ‘Jay, what name goes with Carter?’ … he went, ‘Only one name goes with Carter.’ [I said], ‘What name’s that?’ He’s like, ‘Carter — Carter and Carter.'”

The Carter & Carter general store is indeed paying homage to the power couple. More specifically, it’s a brilliant reference to the rap mogul’s last name. JAY-Z, who co-produced The Harder They Fall and contributed to the film’s soundtrack, must be so proud.

Lovecraft Country and Da 5 Bloods star Jonathan Majors plays Nat Love, a real outlaw who’s had much more written about him. He even penned an autobiography in 1907, though it’s unclear how much of his story is based on fact. Still, he writes that he was born in 1854 into slavery, but after the Homestead Act was passed, he became a ranch hand in Kansas, per TIME.

Check out the video below.