50 Cent Addresses Trans-Gender Relationship Rumors About Young Buck

g unit

It was a few weeks ago that Young Buck proclaimed he would “Ja Rule” 50 Cent. 50 Cent has even gone so far to have certain music videos removed to spite his own G Unit label artist. Young Buck has made it clear he wants off 50 Cent’s label.

Now another move has occurred by Curtis Jackson which includes his reactions to the rumors that has been circulating for months about Young Buck having relations with transgenders. Young Buck has tried to explain himself during an Instagram post.

A video appeared on 50 Cent’s Instagram of two women speaking about Buck’s alleged partner. The clip includes footage of the woman in question, who explains just how serious their bond was. “We still dealt with each other for three years,” she said before revealing that Young Buck would come to her house in Nashville “at least once a week.” She also says that at the time of her sexual encounters with Buck, she had a boyfriend, referring to the rapper as her “slider.”

“He was your slider for 3 years,” wrote Fiddy. “Buck Gay as a motherfucker.” The New York went on to explain why he does certain habits, “See this why I don’t like n***as fouling me when we play basketball. Don’t be trying to block my shot all close up on me fool.”

There are two questions to be asked here. Will 50 Cent get into trouble in Hollywood for seemingly being anti-homophobic? Will Young Buck now go full steam ahead and end 50 Cent’s career as he promised a few weeks ago with something very incriminating?