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50 Cent Breaks Away From Starz With His TV Empire

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The “Get Rich Or Die Tryin” hip hop turned television executive producer Curtis James Jackson III aka 50 Cent revealed his collaboration with Starz is no more.

The “Power” franchise creator and executive producer has indicated that he will not be re-upping his partnership with Starz upon his deal’s expiration on Friday.

“09-17-22 official day of really owning my content and deciding where and how I do it moving forward,” 50 Cent wrote in an Instagram post on Saturday morning.


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50 Cent also shared a GIF of the Pittsburgh Pirates in a champagne-busting locker room celebration with the caption “This is my vibe right now! STARZ deal done, we had nothing but success so no hard feelings… I’m out. I’ll let you know where we are going shortly.”

Later in the day, the rapper shared a screenshot of a thumbnail for a news story reporting the ending of his partnership with Starz, along with the caption, “I’m out, gotta go, see you later!”

A spokesperson for Starz declined to comment on the situation.


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“Shout out to BET, I won Hustler of the year,” he said while counting stacks of cash. “No one from music culture has had success in Television production. I have 25 shows now and I’ve made some big deals away from TV. I’m out of my deal at STARZ tomorrow.”


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According to trademark attorney Josh Gerben, 50 has filed a series of trademarks through his NYC Vibe, LLC for the rights to “Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson.”

His plans are to produce TV shows, movies and documentaries while also launching an online casino and opening restaurants.

Where you believe the Power universe will land up next? The show has been a huge favorite of viewers and is sure to have other big networks vying for it.

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