50 Cent & Desus Nice Claim Father’s Day Not Really A Holiday

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Another Father’s Day has come and blessings have been spread around the world, but it seems the day does not get the same love as Mother’s Day. New York rapper 50 Cent went on Instagram to explain why he doesn’t believe the day is considered by many as a real holiday.

He states how on Mother’s Day there is more care expressed through cards, diamonds, sales, and fathers get a simple text. Whether you believe this to be accurate, it was hilarious that Curtis Jackson showed his frustration with the day knowing the history of tension he has with one of his sons.

50 Cent

Jamaican-American comedian, Desus Nice, always put out a message for his fans about how he doesn’t view Father’s Day as a real holiday either. “Shoutout to all the fathers out there, shoutout to the all fathers who aren’t in their kids lives, shoutout to all the baby fathers.,” he said. “I’m not a father,” he says as he knocks on wood, “and therefore father’s day is not a real holiday to me,” he humorously explains.