50 Cent Disses NBA Icon Kareem Abdul Jabbar



The NBA has fans of all ages across the world. Although the season has been postponed, the basketball world has been busy speaking about the critically acclaimed documentary entitled “The Last Dance” which features who many proclaim is the greatest player of all-time in Michael Jordan.

There are a group of people who believe that Kareem Abdul Jabbar is the actual G.O.A.T. with his out of this world statistics and championship rings. Below is a highlight reel of his greatest plays and famous sky hook.

Hip hop artist, 50 Cent took to Twitter to speak about his disdain of the NBA great because of an altercation he had with the former Los Angeles Lakers that did not sit well with him.

I was in the airport one time, i looked i said oh shit that’s Kareem . I went and said what’s up, he looked at me like i was crazy

I said oh shit

well fuck you then, you old ass nigga I don’t give a fuck about a sky hook nigga, niggas been trying to kill me shit fuck you.