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50 Cent & Kenya Barris “The 50th Law” Netflix Series Coming

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50 Cent’s “The 50th Law” will be adapted to a Netflix series with Kenya Barris.

50 Cent’s success as an executive producer of hit series such as Power and its spin-off has entrusted other media empires to follow his lead on other production concepts. Now, he’s teaming up with Kenya Barris to bring a series adaptation of 50’s book co-authored by Robert Greene, The 50th Law to life for Netflix, Deadline reports.

Greene and 50 Cent will be teaming up with Barris and Hale Rothstein, who executive produce blackAF on Netflix, as the executive producer’s for the series. Barris and Rothstein will also write the pilot script for the series.

. “Netflix now you know this is a problem, Kenya Barris is no joke and if me and you ain’t cool, you ain’t gonna make it,” he wrote. “Let’s work. Boom. Greenlight gang.”