50 Cent, Kyrie Irving To Be Sued By Pras Over Informant Claims

curtis jackson


Hip-hop artist Pras is reportedly taking legal action against Rolling Stone, Kyrie Irving, and 50 Cent for defamation after they allegedly labeled him a federal informant.

Pras’ lawyer sent legal notifications to the three parties, claiming that a Rolling Stone article called him an “FBI informant.” According to reports, 50 Cent and Irving echoed these claims online. Pras was found guilty of ten counts last month, leading to a reaction from the hip-hop community after testimony emerged that he had cooperated with authorities.


Pras’ representative said that these claims led to a loss of business deals and impacted his ability to generate income. Pras and his attorney plan to take legal action against Rolling Stone, claiming that their article harmed their business interests and reputations. The attorney for Pras claims that 50 Cent and Kyrie Irving put the lives of Pras and his attorney at risk because of their claims online. Updates on the lawsuit are yet to come according to the Los Angeles Times.

A jury found Pras guilty of 10 counts last month, earning a widespread reaction from the hip-hop community following testimony that he cooperated with authorities. Fif took to Instagram with a headline that deemed Pras an “FBI informant.” “I knew this fool was a rat! I’m glad I never fvck with this guy,” 50 Cent wrote. Shortly after, Irving tweeted, “A whole FBI Informant was in the Fugees for that long??” Meanwhile, Rolling Stone published an article where they said he is “an informal FBI informant,” which was later changed to claim that he “voluntarily met with FBI agents.”