50 Cent Mocks Meek Mill & Rick Ross in Lil Wayne Interview

INTERVIEWS - Karen Smith

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50 Cent  joined Young Money Radio on Friday July 3rd to speak with Lil Wayne on various topics which included Pop Smoke’s  latest album, his admiration for fellow New York rapper Nicki Minaj, and his relationship with Eminem.

The current issues concerning the recent riots and protests was brought into the discussion. Black Lives Matter obviously came up between the two rappers and  50 decided to ask a question concerning Meek Mill and Rick Ross.

“If you said to me, I’m not going to say who I’m talking about, right,” 50 began slyly. “I’m just gonna say, if you represent prison reform, how do you sign to a correctional officer and you managed by a snitch? Help me, help me with this man. I just look at certain shit and I go, ‘Wait, how is that?'”

50 Cent is alluding to Roc Nation COO Desiree Perez  who allegedly became a witness for the DEA back in the 90s. Meek Mill is signed to Roc Nation management and also went into a contractual agreement with Meek Mill when his career went to the next level under Maybach Music.