50 Cent Says “BMF” Soundtrack On The Way & Talks Kanan Role

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50 Cent revealed the “Black Mafia Family” soundtrack will not include Jeezy via his own decision.

50 Cent has made a name for himself in the entertainment world with his knack for creating compelling television series and fans patiently wait for the highly anticipated BMF series. The production on the Starz series is underway but a premiere date has not been announced yet.


BMF’s story has made it to a few documentaries and the television series will be the first attempt at learning about this powerful family. 50 Cent made an announcement through his own platform of ThisIs50 of the coming soundtrack. It will play a role in the BMF series launch as told by Fiddy in an interviewer. He promised that music from 42 Dugg and Jeezy will be included on the official soundtrack to the show, but if he gets his way, the song would only be from Dugg.

“I got another record coming off of the BMF soundtrack. BMF will have a whole musical soundtrack,” he said. “There’s so many people connected– that story is connected culturally, BMF, so you’ll see more involvement from artists. I got 42 Dugg, he already sent something, him and Jeezy. I like it with [only] 42 Dugg though. You don’t really need Jeezy, you just need 42 Dugg. I’m just trying to convince him to take that n***a off the record. His shit is hard. The other shit, we can do without that shit.”

The rapper would also speak on other topics during the interview. 50 Cent sat down to speak about how the follow up to the hit television series for Power will develop in a prequel with ‘Raising Kanan’. Executives expect huge things for the show as they have already given it the green light for a second season.

Fans also find out what it was like for the hip hop artist turned actor to grow up in Jamaica Queens, his legendary Kanan character, losing his mom at a young age. Check out the interview below.