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50 Cent Says No BMF Spinoff Will Air On Starz Network

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50 Cent has established his G Unit films as a powerhouse in television and bragged about his domination on social media.

However, the rap star turned television mogul, revealed that he has no plans to bring a BMF spinoff or any other series to Starz. 50 Cent has acquired another stream of income with his television universe of Power, but he has always struggled with getting along with the network that distributes his programs.

Jumping on social media, 50 Cent stated, “I have the number 1,2,3, and 4 top Tv shows in African American, and Latina households and i hate that i did them with the wrong people. I’m not doing any BMF spin offs or selling any other shows to STARZ”.

There were fans who reacted to his statement by saying he has options at his disposal with other outlets such as Amazon, BET, Fox, Paramount, and more. Another fan said that she wanted to know when the contract was up, so she could cancel her subscription to Starz.

Other fans took another take on the situation, as some believe the rap icon should just have his own television network since he has the connections and funds to make it happen.

50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, has had a tumultuous history with the Starz television network. In 2014, 50 Cent signed a deal with Starz to develop a scripted series called “Power,” which premiered in 2014 and became a major hit for the network.

However, in 2016, 50 Cent began to publicly criticize Starz for what he felt was a lack of support for “Power.” He accused the network of undervaluing his show and not properly promoting it. He also threatened to leave the network and take “Power” with him to another platform.

In response, Starz CEO Chris Albrecht publicly defended the network’s support for “Power” and said that 50 Cent’s public comments were not helpful to the show or the network. Despite this, the two parties continued to work together, and “Power” remained on the Starz network.


In 2018, 50 Cent announced that he was developing a new series for the network called “Black Mafia Family.” However, in 2019, he again publicly criticized Starz, this time for not giving “Power” the same level of marketing support as another show on the network, “Outlander.”

Despite the public feud between 50 Cent and Starz, “Power” continued to be a major success for the network, and “Black Mafia Family” was eventually picked up and is set to premiere on Starz in the near future. So while there has been a history of tension between 50 Cent and the Starz network, it seems that they have been able to work through their differences and continue to collaborate on successful projects.