50 Cent Speaks On Dropping New Album

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As 50 Cent continues to promote “Raising Kanan“, the hip hop mogul gives time frame of when he will be dropping his next musical project.

The man behind the “Power” franchise was originally the man behind the music. He goes back to his roots as in music that started off with making street mixtapes that generated buzz in the streets of America. His “Power Of A Dollar” project got so widely popular that it got the attention of Eminem and Dr. Dre leading to a his deal with Shady Records and Aftermath Entertainment.

It’s closing in on two decades since 50 Cent took the mainstream hip hop industry by storm. He used that platform to transition to the entertainment world with acting in films such as his own “biopic” of “Get Rich Or Die Trying”. That would give him opportunity to do other things related to film and television.

Similar to Dr. Dre with “Detox”, 50 Cent has a product that had everyone highly anticipating since Jimmy Iovine proclaimed to be his project since “Get Rich Or Die Trying” with “Street King Immortal”. In a new interview with The Independent, the album was discussed at some point with the publication. was asked about the status of the long-lost album. “That original version is not [being released], but I’m releasing new music in September,” explains Fif, confirming what many fans have already understood. The publication also confirms that Eminem will not be included, despite having recorded an unreleased duet called “Champions.” “I didn’t finish the tracks with him… I’m not gonna tell who’s on it because I’m the most exciting person [on the album].”

50 Cent still shows loyalty to his friend Eminem by praising him as currently one of the best hip hop artists til this day. “He’s still one of the best artists to me,” says Fif, who most recently collaborated with Eminem on Ed Sheeran’s “Remember The Name.” “He means more to the culture than a lot of other artists – a lot of people looked at him and saw themselves, and understood how they fit into hip-hop culture.”