50 Cent Talks 6IX 9INE Situation & Thoughts On Tory Lanez

Check me off the freaky list. Nigga asking for threesomes with another guy, what type of shit is that nigga on?!

50 Cent

50 Cent appeared on Shade 45 with Nick Cannon. Never known for a loss of words he gave his thoughts on DreamDoll getting into the rap ring with Tory Lanez. He definitely believed DreamDoll got the best of him. 

50 Cent spoke directly about what he felt happened with the whole 69 situation.

He basically said it looks like he definitely snitched. His name was removed from the indictment, 2 other dudes got arrested and they added charges that weren’t on the original indictment.

He said he warned Tekashi 6ix 9ine to slow down what he was doing and to pattern himself the way he proceeded in the rap game to avoid things such as RICO charges. He explained to him how to make his rap beefs stretch out and how to keep the trolling rolling. 50 Cent said one thing he wouldn’t do on tracks that 69 did was scream “gang gang”.  50 Cent said he made sure as a rap veteran to not do that on songs. 

I made sure I got on the track and said I’m not gang gang…… I’ll take a homicide charge before I take a RICO…those charges are designed for you not to beat them

50 Cent

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