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50 Cent Talks About Meeting Pop Smoke

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The hip hop world lost a rapper with loads of potential too early when Pop Smoke was murdered earlier this year. 50 Cent is still reeling from the death and reminisces on the young rapper during these times of self quarantine.

“See, Pop Smoke, that was one of my favorites. I liked that n*gga, man. I swear to God, I like that n*gga man,” 50 Cent said. “I met him. We was talking, and I was like, yo. I’m watching him, right. He keep playing with his phone. These little n*ggas play with they phone all the time. I’m like yo, what the f*ck is wrong with this n*gga?”

He shared one of his fondest memories of Pop Smoke and how Pop was able to observe and learn from him during their interactions. He also talked about helping to finish up his album and his efforts to help see forth the rest of his goals!!