50 Cent became popular because of the street buzz he created for his music. In the last few years, he has taken the television world by storm. The music releases have slowed down because of it. With the popularity of his Power series on STARZ, he has been able to expand into other television shows with spin-offs.As the promotional run begins for next month’s debut of the spin-off, Power, Book IV: Force that is airing in February. He recently spoke on The Talk, 50 Cent and confirmed his album making retirement: “I probably think I’ll deliver one more full length album, then the other things I do will be connected to film and television. I’m having so much success in this area that I have opportunities to keep releasing music through the projects that I’m bringing.”

He will close the chapter of a full time rapper with his next album release.  He will still release music through his shows on soundtracks, much like the theme song for Power, Book IV: Force in early January with Lil Durk and Jeremih.

He made mention of being through with making music on his Instagram a few weeks ago, as he posted on Instagram that he was a Top 10 rapper of all time: “Smile my next album might be my last. I terrorized hip hop for 14 years, don’t believe me Nielsen, the numbers will never lie but i’m nobody’s favorite Smh. Nah, I’m Top 10 dead or alive and i’m not done.”