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50 Cent Verzuz The Game? Wack 100 Is Working On It!

LEGENDS & ICONS OF HIP HOP - Post By Kevin Douglas


On Saturday night (November 14th) the hip hop world was shocked to see Gucci Mane announce that he was going to partake in a “Verzuz” battle with his arch rival Jeezy. Another huge rivalry that took place in hip hop was 50 Cent and The Game.

2020 continues to be an odd year as now The Game’s manager Wack 100 appears to want to see the two former G Unit members come together to battle on the Verzuz platform. On Sunday (November 15), Wack 100 shared an Instagram post with roughly 277,000 followers suggesting he was working on getting them to step into the Verzuz ring.

The text read, “Verzuz @losangelesconfidential Vs @50Cent. I got my side @unclemurda Let’s figure this shit out.”

He added in the caption, “I got em to Shake hands and function in the same clubs together twice. With a little help from @unclemurda & @djkayslay It just might happen— All Respect @50cent you told me we was good let’s give em what they want @losangelesconfidential smiles everyday — #BridgingTheGap.”

50 Cent has not accepted an offer from T.I. for a battle on Verzuz and doesn’t seem to be too moved to participate at all in the concept. G Unit as a group is also something 50 Cent has said he wants to leave in the past as he is now more focused on creating television content.


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