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50 Cent’s Alleged Threats Towards “Power” Kingpin Results in $300M Lawsuit Against Lionsgate

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Lionsgate, a major player in the film and television industry, is facing a new lawsuit from Corey “Ghost” Holland, a former drug dealer who accuses 50 Cent and Lionsgate of trying to intimidate him. Holland had previously sued both 50 Cent’s G-Units productions and Lionsgate, claiming that they had used his life story to create the hit series “Power” and its spin-offs.

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In this latest lawsuit, Holland is seeking $300 million in damages, alleging intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligence in hiring and retention by Lionsgate. He claims that Lionsgate allowed 50 Cent to “cause harm and violence to innocent and vulnerable people” and did nothing to prevent this from happening.

Holland’s attorney alleges that Lionsgate was well aware of 50 Cent’s “violent behavior” but chose to ignore it in pursuit of financial gains from their partnership. The lawsuit also demands that Lionsgate stops producing content based on Holland’s life without fairly compensating him and seeking his consent, which was the basis of Holland’s initial lawsuit.


Corey Holland’s attorney claims Lionsgates became well aware of 50 Cent’s “violent behavior.” They claimed despite this knowledge, they awarded him with a $150M contract. “Mr. Jackson is very open about his violent behavior, the defendant even acknowledged this behavior and chose to ignore it, due to the financial gains they had made with Mr. Jackson from 2016-2022, and still do partner with Jackson on numerous television deal,” the lawsuit reads.

“Mr. Jackson was found guilty of intentional infliction of emotional distress, just months before renewing his employment with the defendants, so the defendants knew what they were getting when they chose to do business with and employ Mr. Jackson,” the statement continues.In addition to the $300M in damages Holland seeks, he also demands Lionsgate stops producing any more content based on his life without fairly compensating him and seeking consent, which was the basis of Holland’s initial lawsuit.

The parties are expected to enter mediation on May 9th to resolve the ongoing legal disputes.