50 Cent’s ‘Power Book III: Raising Kanan’ Season 2 Official

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It can’t be denied the popularity of 50 Cent and his television empire with audiences as people prepare for his new show Power Book III: Raising Kanan that amazingly already has a second season green light.

On Monday (July 12), Deadline announced Starz will be going forward with a second season for the upcoming prequel series days ahead of its July 18 premiere.  Power and Power Book II: Ghost, the prequel is expected to have huge success and the franchise is really making waves with top executives.

“One season isn’t enough to tell the coming-of-age story of Kanan Stark and his mother, Raq, a fierce and successful woman who is a force of nature,” Jeffrey Hirsch, president and CEO of Starz, said. “The anticipation globally for more of the Power Universe made it clear that the Kanan story needs to continue.”


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50 Cent obviously took to social media to speak on the huge news and made a promise to viewers that  Raising Kanan may be the best of the Power franchise.  Mekai Curtis will star in the role of Kanan Stark while Patina Miller plays his mother, Raquel Thomas. Joey Bada$$, Omar Epps, London Brown, Malcolm Mays, Hailey Kilgore, Toby Sandeman, Shanley Caswell, and Lovie Simone will also have roles.

“Season 2 is lit by the time you make it to episode 5 you’re gonna say Raising Kanan is better than POWER,” 50 wrote. “Green Light Gang.”

Stark was killed off in Season 5 of Power, and fan reaction was mixed regarding the quick end to his storyline. However, with a new season on the way, fans will get more than enough to satisfy their thirst for Kanan Stark.  

The third show in the Power franchise takes fans back to the early ’90s where a young Stark attempts to find his way through South Jamaica, Queens. It’s this period where Ghost and Tommy’s mentor and frenemy became the cold-blooded hustler fans knew in seasons one through five of Power.  

50 Cent and Patina Miller spoke recently with “Good Morning America” about the series.