6ix9ine Denied By Joe Budden For An Interview To Prevent Giving Him Credibility

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Tekashi 6ix9ine has been promoting his latest album, Tattles, which has struggled with sales and is claiming to be blackballed by the industry. He was able to get interviews with Fox News, TheShadeRoom, and Paul Brothers. His hip hop colleagues have not been so forgiving in providing a platform for him to “tell his side of the story”. Joe Budden is one of those outlets along with Gillie Da Kid. Joe Budden calls 6ix9ine a “little manipulative f*ck” after Tekashi’s team reached out to him and Gillie Da King for interviews.

On the latest episode of The Joe Budden Podcast with Rory & Mal, Joe Budden revealed that 6ix9ine promised him his “biggest interview” to date, simply to expose new information on the case.

“Now, it becomes crystal clear, as it did for Gillie. You’re not looking to expose something. You’re looking to expose something next to someone that’s official. You’re looking to expose something next to somebody that didn’t fuck with you. That’s called you’re looking for a co-sign,” Joe said, adding that he didn’t want to be around that type of energy, even if it would be the “biggest interview of my career.” His response after finding out 6ix9ine pitched the exact same thing to Gillie? “Wow, this little manipulative fuck. Back to manipulating,” Joe said.

“And now here we are. The fucking Billboard projections come out. Durk ends up moving his album, didn’t want to be associated with that mess,” Joe continued. “The projections are lower than what it would take for an artist to travel with nine and 10 security guards everywhere he goes. See, that’s the part the public doesn’t really decipher. It’s not who flopped and who didn’t. It’s what comes in vs. what’s been spent.”