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6ixBuzz & Toronto Instagram Pages Get Blame Over Debby Death

SOCIAL MEDIA TRENDS - Keisha Wray Article

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The drug overdose death of Toronto social media personality, Debby Gang, is being placed at the feet of its city’s top Instagram pages after years of exploitation.


The city of Toronto has seen its underground scene of urban media go through many changes over the years. In the early days of the hip hop and Caribbean music scenes, many artists and promoters were hard pressed on getting on outlets to promote and showcase their talents. When someone from the neighborhood would reach on to television through the MuchMusic mediums of “Rap City” or “Soul In The City”, it was a huge accomplishment that helped to elevate said talent or promoter. These outlets were instrumental in getting the likes of Maestro Fresh Wes, Michie Mee, and Snow to get eyeballs on their product and eventually was able to crossover into the coveted United States market.

Although that was a positive thing back in the 80’s and 90’s, it was also a very limited path that only a hand few if that could pass through due to politics and being little brother to the United States.


As the 90’s would roll along, there would be new ways for artists to make their voices be heard and seen. The advent of social media platforms such as Myspace and Facebook would provide people all over the world easy access to entertainment like never before. The astute artists who understood the changing landscape would take advantage of the new medium that would generate millions upon millions of eyeballs and interaction. Soulja Boy was the first artist to capitalize on this new wave and is seen as a pioneer in the field.


As social media became more and more integrated with the youth and everyday life, other companies started to enter the field to create their own platforms such Instagram. Eventually Mark Zuckerberg would purchase Instagram as it became a threat popularity wise to his platform.

Toronto artists such as Drake and Tory Lanez would eventually be able to exploit the platforms by utilizing their large followings for their careers. The changing environment caused other Toronto artists to follow by trying to grow their Instagram pages to improve their fan base.  This would create a lane for more entertainment avenues for bloggers, vloggers, and podcasts to interview and cover the city’s latest developments.

One outlet would truly take it to new heights in 6ixbuzz. They would be known for its take on silly antics in the city of Toronto and neighboring regions such as Brampton. Their instagram account would gain a lot of steam when politicians would click that follow button to see what was trending in Canada such as Jagmeet Singh and Toronto Mayor John Tory followed 6ixBuzz. Artists such as Drake and social media giants Jake Paul would start following the outlet as they would soon have social media personalities making waves in the city such as Chromazz and Debby.


Debby would end up trending online when she appeared unexpectedly at Drake’s mansion.

“Yo, Debby, don’t pull up to my crib on game day talking about you’re going to sauce mans and sh*t. You cursed my whole jumper today,” Drake said.

“You know what I’m saying? I don’t like all that energy. Keep that negative energy away from me, man. Stop pulling up to mans crib when they’ve got games to win and sh*t. Don’t cheese me today.”

WorldWide Entertainment TV Podcast touched on the social media antics of Debby Gang as you can see below. She became a talking point in the entertainment scene in the city.


Ever since it’s meteoric rise that originated in 2017, 6ixBuzz has been a source of entertainment on a daily basis for citizens of not only Toronto, but all of Canada. It’s reach even included having Drake’s rival Pusha T checking the outlet as “fake news” over a story that surrounded a concert he had in the 6ix.

The creators of the platform kept their identities a secret because of the sometimes intense content that would help incite street violence. It was a way for the creators to be neutral without any bias being spewed towards them by different regions of the city. This all changed when Toronto Life exposed the founders of the brand. It was revealed that two George Brown College students named Sarman Esagholian and Abraham Tekabo were the men behind the controversial outlet.


Toronto Life stated that 6ixbuzz was capitalizing on the ills of society by illustrating, “Esagholian and Tekabo published posts showing confrontations involving people openly struggling with mental illness, graphic car accidents, attempted home break-ins captured on Ring cameras, the taunting and harassment of Subway and Dollarama employees, as well as memes with racist, sexist and homophobic undertones.”

One employee worked 12- to 15-hour days, unpaid, without weekends off. During the early days of the pandemic, the mandate from Esagholian was to be the first news outlet anywhere to share updates from the Trudeau and Ford governments.


Now the followers of 6ixbuzz and other Instagram pages of Toronto are questioning the role the outlets have played in the demise of Debby Gang. Many people believe she was exploited to build their outlets with her chicanery, but was never given any real help with her obvious issues.

One Twitter account stated, “6ixbuzz, RealTorontoNewz and all them other pages ain’t shit cause they damn well knew Debby had a drug problem yet they took her for poppy show on their platform for likes/followers and now that she’s dead it’s R.I.P. to an icon. Worst Toronto brand ever”! which received many responses as you can see yourself below.