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7 Great Shows About Casino

Rosie Hartley Article Exclusive

Casinos have been the subject of countless TV shows and movies for many years. There seems to be something incredibly captivating and fascinating about the glitz and glamor that makes casinos the perfect setting for the silver screen.

Whether it be a reality TV show that gives us an insight into the world of gambling or a spy film featuring an undercover agent, there’s a huge variety of casino-based TV shows and movies we can choose from.

So much so, we want to show you the best. Today, we’re going to look at the best TV shows about casinos. We’ll look at shows that focus heavily on gambling or simply have a casino setting.

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1. Tilt

The first TV show on our list is Tilt. Featuring nine episodes, this one-series poker drama is set in Colorado Casino. This poker drama follows professional players that come together to beat a legendary gambler that goes by the name Don The “Matador” Everest.

They all have a reason to beat him, but whether anyone can is another question.

Produced by the team that created Rounders, which is arguably the greatest casino film ever, this is a show every poker enthusiast needs to watch.

2. Cracker

Cracker is a crime, mystery, and drama series that sees Robbie Coltrane execute his role of anti-hero brilliantly. Anti-social and very obnoxious, the hard-drinking womanizer and gambling addict somehow manages to disgust and amaze all at the same time.

Set in the United Kingdom, the series follows Coltrane, who plays criminal psychologist Dr. Edward “Fitz” Fitzgerald, as he attempts to solve crimes for Greater Manchester Police.

Cracker consists of three series and has 25 episodes. What’s very enjoyable about this series is that it features real-life events and stories.

3. Breaking Vegas

If you prefer to watch real TV shows, you have to watch Breaking Vegas. Breaking Vegas is a super interesting casino-based TV show that originates in the United States. The show dives into the world of casinos, looking at what people do if they want to win big and quickly through gambling.

The show also looks into the dark side of casinos, revealing how people cheat in casinos to win big. You’ll be amazed by some of the card tricks people use to trick the casino.

4. The Casino


The Casino is a reality TV show that, as the name would suggest, focuses heavily on casinos.

In this show, the story follows two millionaire best friends in their attempt to bring a former casino back to life. After selling their multi-million dollar company, Tim Poster and Tom Breitling bought the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino.

However, as we learn in the show, they may have bitten off more than they can chew. If you’ve always wanted a behind-the-scenes view of the casino world, this show is perfect.

5. Big Deal

If you’re keen to find a vintage gambling TV show to watch, give Big Deal a watch. Released in 1984, Big Deal revolves around a young man trying to fight his gambling addictions.

Throughout the series, viewers learn more about how gambling affects the man’s life and how it’s damaging the relationship between himself and his girlfriend.

This is a great watch and there are 30 episodes to enjoy so you might want to give it a try if you’re looking for a series to binge too.

6. Cafe Kremlin

There’s a good chance Cafe Kremlin might have evaded your attention. This gambling TV thriller takes place in Chicago and features two gamblers who think it’s a good idea to open their own casino.

Everything seems to be going well for the two owners until things take a turn when they start placing stakes with a Russian man.

Featuring mob wars, bet rigging, and lots of action, Cafe Kremlin is an underrated series, so make sure you watch it if you get the chance.

7. Deadwood

Deadwood might just be the best casino-related TV show on our list. Featuring David Milch and Ian McShane, who won a Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actor, Deadwood is an entertaining show set in the 1800s.

The story follows a Western crime saga set in rough gambling taverns across the Midwest. Deadwood brilliantly captures the good and the bad sides of gambling while also combining historical truths and fictional elements perfectly.

This show will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout each series, of which there are three.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, 7 great shows about Casinos that you can add to your watch list. There are more TV shows out there that have a casino theme but the ones we’ve shown you are the very best.

Now you have this list of casino-based TV shows at your disposal, all you have to do is pick out the show you want to watch first. This could be tricky as they’re all pretty great.

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