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8 BALL ENTERTAINMENT – Herb Middleton’s From The Ground Up Trailer

8 Ball Entertainment Trailer

(WWETV Network) Kevin Edwards is the founder of Boston music label 8 Ball Entertainment. He will present his talented roster of artists for the docu-series “Herb Middleton’s From The Ground Up”.
The roster includes Nick 24K, Tajuanna, Keem LeAmour, Tek, Emiya, the R & B group Blu Hill, Paris, Duug Gambino.

You will witness their trials and tribulations in the music industry and what it is like trying to breakthrough into the competitive world of music in the year 2019.

Herb Middleton’s From The Ground Up
Reality Series

Stay Tuned to WorldWide Entertainment TV for updates about this reality series which will be exclusively on new streaming platform VuMe which WWETV are partnered up as an early influence for the new media outlet.

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Also Check Out The Other Teaser with Maxine Jones of En Vogue

The story of Maxine Jones will be told as she takes us on her journey through her career. We will see her path of becoming a solo artist on this series exclusively on VU-Me.

The reality series will include the documentation of former Bad Boy Records Producer Herb Middleton who has worked with some of the greatest acts in music history that include Biggie Smalls, Nas, Mary J, Blige, Usher, Bobby Brown, Al Green.

He has worked alongside legendary producers such as Diddy and Teddy Riley. His story comes to life on the new series and you can get a behind the scenes look at historic moments in time.

The story of WorldWide Entertainment TV will be seen on this reality series. It will show how this entertainment brand rose from the concrete in Toronto into an worldwide entertainment company.

Ms. Goldi who is the New York and Atlanta correspondent of WWETV will also be covered. We will see her roots in Yonkers and how she became known as being Yonkers 1st Lady in a region of New York that has birthed some of the greatest musical stars in history such as Mary J. Blige and DMX.