The Rock To Become John Henry On Netflix

Dwayne “The Rock ” Johnson is set to star in and produce John Henry and the Statesman alongside Jumanji director Jake Kasdan for Netflix. Netflix first project from Johnson was fought over by many studios.

John Henry is an African American folklore and mythology who was a steel driver. The cast will also include some of the most prominent icons in American and worldwide folklore. Johnson will product the picture with Jake Kasdan, Seven Bucks Productions’ Dany Garcia, and Hiram Garcia.

“Netflix is the perfect partner and platform for us to continue entertaining our global audience in a disruptive way. These diverse characters speak to a legacy of storytelling that is more relevant than ever and span across a worldwide audience regardless of age, gender, race, or geography,” said Johnson in a statement.

The announcement of a picture centering around a known figure in African American folklore comes on the heels of a much-talked-about Michael B. Jordan’s profile in Vanity Fair magazine in which he stated, “We don’t have any mythology, Black mythology, or folklore…Creating our own mythology is very important because … You help people dream.”

The Rock will also be releasing Finding Justice on BET. It tells the powerful stories of heroes, leaders, advocates and change agents in African American communities across America as they uncover injustices and fight to bring healing and change. Combining the grit and edge of investigative journalism and the profound heart of a powerful documentary, Finding Justice, from executive producers Johnson, Garcia and David Leepson, takes a look at the faces of change in Black America.

Finding Justice
marks Seven Bucks Productions’ first collaboration with BET.

“Seven Bucks Productions was built on the foundation of bringing diverse and influential stories to the masses,” said Johnson. “Which is why we’re excited to partner with BET to bring these powerful stories of injustice from the African-American community to light. More importantly, with this series, we’re pushing to create a platform that will enable healing, and inspire change on a global scale.”

Added Garcia, “We’ve wanted to partner with BET for a very long time, and with Finding Justice, we’re able to expose, and uncover the injustices that occur to minority communities, every day in the United States. The heroes and change makers we showcase aren’t always names our audience would be familiar with, but they are the heroes that are fighting for change every day, and we’re thrilled to play a part in highlighting their journey and their fight.”

Finding Justice is produced by Johnson and Garcia’s Seven Bucks Productions and Leepson’s Leepson Bounds.

“With America in a disturbing state of social unrest, it’s absolutely necessary to expose these injustices now,” said Leepson. “Dwayne is a hero on screen and off, representing justice, hard work and equal chances for all — I am honored to partner with him, Seven Bucks Productions and BET, the perfect home for this show, as we message healing and force change.”

Johnson starred in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Sony’s highest-grossing film ever at the domestic box office. He also stars on Ballers series for HBO and next headlines Rampage, which opens this weekend. All three are Seven Bucks productions.