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90’s Classic #TBT – New York Undercover Series Reboot?

According to Deadline, the hit television show that use to air on Thursdays on Fox called New York Undercover may return to ABC. The company has its eyes on the franchise and believe it will do well in the current television landscape. The show was created by Dick Wolf who would executive produce the show and could return under the pen of Ben Watkins. 

is reviving one of his shows from years ago – it’s a franchise you can redo that doesn’t necessarily have to have the same cast

Rick Rosen

During a panel discussion at Paley Center on Tuesday night, Wolf’s agent Rick Rosen revealed the news that fans may see a reboot. The original cast included Malik Yoba and Michael DeLorenzo as two undercover detectives in New York City’s Fourth Precinct. It broke ground on American television because it featured two people of color in the starring roles.

One of the show’s drawing points was its soundtrack that represented a generation that was crossing over the hip hop genre. There was even a point during its run they wanted Tupac Shakur on an episode, but his legal drama nixed those plans.

Ice T was apart of the show and it would be interesting to see what a new version of the show would look like? There are already fans online creating their own fantasy casts.