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Venom’s Top 46 Hip Hop List – USA (Hip Hop Birthday)

The Venom promised you a list and here it is. Today marks 46 years that hip hop has been in existence. The genre has seen its up and downs. From its early days as being an underground outlet for parties in New York to become a worldwide brand that touches...

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Al Sharpton & President Trump In War of Venomous Words Rev. Al Sharpton and Former Lieutenant Governor of Maryland Michael Steele hold a press conference at New Shiloh Baptist Church in Baltimore. The biggest statement made during the conference was Rev. Al Sharpton saying Trump has always displayed “particular venom” for people of colour. The President made harsh...

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Eminem dropped  a bomb on the music industry with the album Kamikaze and now he is trending with a song for the Venom soundtrack. Venom, starring Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams, arrives in theaters yesterday and is the last single on Eminem's latest album. venom The movie blogs seem to...

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Great Canadian Moments At WWE’s SummerSlam

WWE returns to Toronto for the annual summer tradition of SummerSlam. Ever since the inaugural event in 1988 that pitted Hulk Hogan and Randy "Macho Man" Savage against Andre The Giant and "Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase, it has been an event fans of sports entertainment see as the summer...

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Cardi B Teams with Senator Bernie Sanders

Cardi B has taken her influence and uses it to let people know about her views on the current President Trump. She has told her followers to go out and vote to prevent a repeat administration. She is putting action along with her words.We will soon see a video with...

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Is T.I. Following Dre Nello Or Social Media Clout Chasing?

Social media has yours truly, Venom, getting all kinds of emails to answer lingering questions such as Dre Nello and whether or not this young rapper is paying Instagram accounts to plug his music with false advertising. Well, this is what I do know of the scenario from keeping my...

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Is Charlamagne Destructive to Black Culture?

Monique vs Charlamagne I think that that brother played a big part in the destruction of our community. Monique This is Venom with a question for the followers of the urban culture. Does Charlamagne bring destruction to the black community? Charlamagne is widely known for his opinions and narration on...

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