‘A Different World’ Cast Reunites Without Lisa Bonet

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A throwback reunion will occur with the cast of A Different World, but without the original star Lisa Bonet.

After 28 years fans will get to see their favorite characters from the classic sitcom about college life from a black experience. ENews is scheduled to run the series Reunion Road Trip. Some viewers noticed that Lisa Bonet who unexpectedly left the show after season 1 was not apart of the reunion.

The show was beloved by millions of people as the popular Lisa Bonet who portrayed the iconic Denise Huxtable of the Cosby Show. Due to circumstances the star returned to her original setting as the characters of Whitley Gilbert, Dwayne Wayne, and more as the show would become a ratings hit. However, the program may have never taken off if it wasn’t for Bill Cosby setting up the series surrounding Lisa Bonet. Check out the reaction to the reunion missing Bonet.