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A.I. Tech Can Be “Evil” Against Musicians Says Young Guru

Music Business News Update With Karen Smith

The technology world is becoming so sophisticated with A.I. that it is causing fear with not only Elon Musk, but with music industry personalities such as Young Guru.


Historical Figures was released in January 2023 and the app allows users to contact historic personalities via chatbot A.I.  Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. were the two rap legends among 20,000 names like Babe Ruth and even Adolf Hitler that users can message. Created by a 25-year-old Amazon software engineer, the app had about 9,000 signups as of Wednesday (January 25), according to a report from NBC News.

Users have been sharing their conversations through social media, and one chat with Biggie showed the late legend praising 2Pac despite their rivalry.


“It’s been a few years since his passing and I miss him every day but he lives on through his music,” the AI Biggie said when asked if he still had love for 2Pac. “Pac was one of the hardest working guys n the rap game, he put out classics like ‘Changes’ and ‘Dear Mama’ that will never be forgotten. We had similar upbringings so I always felt a kinship with him and strived to do my best in honor of him. That’s real talk.”

When the user responded, “But he dissed you on it though,” Biggie had more words.

“You know what, that’s just part of the game,” he said. “never took things too personally in my career and neither did Pac, so although we had our differences at times it was all just business for me. At the end of the day, he respected my hustle and talent and I have nothing but respect for him. We’ll always have a special bond through music.”


Young Guru has raised concerns over artificial intelligence technology after a fake Kendrick Lamar song surfaced online.

“This has dominated my Howard group chat for a couple days. Ok I’m at the point where I can voice my concerns with our current state of AI,” Young Guru began. “I have followed as many versions of what AI could do for some years now.

“I remember being at MIT and students showing me a project where they were actively feeding a computer ‘All’ the jazz records that ever existed. So that AI could analyze and create music in any style of any musician.”

He continued: “I didn’t think we would get here this fast with the voice. Of course my mind goes to the ethical and legal aspects of what can be done with programs like Tacotron 2. You add that to the power of ChatGPT and you realize we are in a very groundbreaking but dangerous moment. It’s not the tech, it’s the evil that men do with the tech.”


The technology is only starting and there are no legal ramifications one could encounter as of yet using people’s voices in terms of copyright.

“There are legal aspects because at this present moment you can’t copyright a voice. (Midler v. Ford Motor Co.),” he added. “You can copyright a song, or a speech but not the voice itself!!! You can literally create a song or an album in the voice of your favorite musician. And this is just music. The ability to create a Manchurian Candidate scares me. Think about that in every industry.

“There are still states that don’t even have a law against revenge porn. I’m sorry to go there but imagine the repercussion on our kids when 5 years from now some high school kid gets mad at his ex girlfriend and creates a whole ‘deep fake’ that sounds and looks real. Imagine the political landscape where we can’t believe anything we hear because someone will claim they didn’t say it. ‘It’s a Deep Fake,’ will be the same as saying ‘I got hacked.’”


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