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Aaliyah Fans On Social Media: New Album Lacks Women


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Aaliyah’s posthumous album Unstoppable is expected to be released sometime this month. Some Aaliyah fans have claimed that the album is full of “toxic men.”

According to the late singer’s uncle, Barry Hankerson, was recently a guest on The Geno Jones Show, where he spoke about the forthcoming album and its guest features. According to Hankerson, the album will have appearances by The Weeknd, Drake, Snoop Dogg, Future, and Ne-Yo, and the estate feels confident with this output.

“One of the songs that’s out now is doing incredibly well. And that’s the song that she did with Weeknd,” Hankerson said. “Because of that success, we think it’ll only get better with people such as Ne-Yo and Snoop Dogg, Future, and Drake — one of her biggest fans. Those are the features that’ll be on the record and that’ll be out in January.”



Social media voiced their opinions as some fans did not like the line up that was announced as guest appearances by Geno. The back and forth on the project’s possible sound has also been a hot topic of discussion.

One of the biggest issues people have with Unstoppable is the lack of R&B representation on the album. Fans do not want an Aaliyah project to sound too Hip Hop, and they want an album with female artists as opposed to the feature list being male-dominated.

“And yet, Unstoppable only has male features — many of whom have had problematic relationships with women. Chris Brown, Drake, and Future are on Unstoppable, and while the trio may sound nice in conjunction with Aaliyah, they feel gross. The Weeknd, Ne-Yo, Snoop Dogg, and Timbaland are also on the album; The Weeknd’s feature has already been met with production-quality backlash, but the latter three make sense to me. Only time will tell,” says a writer from Pop Sugar.

The man and woman debate rages on about the forthcoming album online. Despite fan reactions, Barry Hankerson is carrying on with his plans for the posthumous Aaliyah album.

Meanwhile, as social media debates over toxic men, the family was honoring their loved one on what would have been her 43rd birthday (January 16), Aaliyah’s loved ones shared a photo of a floral arrangement surrounded by candles set to an unreleased rendition of her singing “Ave Maria.”

“To You Our Love Flowers From Above Candles From The World We Will See You Again Bask In The Day God Sent You We Will See You And Your Comrades Again Not Yet, Not Yet,” they wrote in the caption of a post made on Aaliyah’s official Instagram account. “Mom, Dad, Ra, All Who Truly Loved You and Love You Still. Forever More.”