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Adolophine Brand – Shea Marie Diva & Vixens Podcast Ep. 2

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Entrepreneur Adolophine Lukabu Sheeley; Fashion boss and CEO of Luxury African brand Adolophine. The popular New York City-based entrepreneur would like to introduce her authentic African Clothing, Handbags and home decor.


Adolophine emphasizes craftsmanship and uniqueness in its wide variety of products, sourced from countries all over Africa, lovingly created and designed by indigenous craftspeople. The daughter of a diplomat, Ms. Sheeley is fluent in six languages, and has a deep understanding of many diverse cultures. 


Adolophine, is also proud to announce a new initiative with Les Amis de Mulunda et Georgette (Friends of Mulunda & Georgette, or LAMG), its nonprofit organization, dedicated to the renewal and redevelopment of The Congo. LAMG seeks to stabilize the country’s living environment and assist the millions of Congolese people who have suffered and whose families died during decades of war and civil unrest in the second largest country in africa.

LAMG seeks to carry out the vital work of providing several Kinshasa orphanages with food, healthcare, and educational services. LAMG also operates a farm just outside the city, gifts women land for cultivation, imparts life and vocational skills to promote self-sufficiency, and supports elders in the community with food, medicine, and companionship. Funding for this essential work comes via  Adolophine, whose sales allow LAMG’s life-giving activities to continue from day to day.

Adolophine speaks with WWETV about growing up as the daughter of a diplomat and what it entailed in her home country of Congo / Zaire. The discussion led to Hollywood portrayals natives from African countries such as the classic franchise of “Coming To America” by Eddie Murphy. She admitted that there are some truths in movies and mini series such as the highly publicized slave “Roots.

The CEO also detailed the importance of bring a positive image both in the mainstream media and in the entertainment world for the communities to aspire to. Learn more about her products in the interview that you can browse at adolophine.com.