Akademiks & Rosenberg May Square Off In Boxing Match

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There seems to be another chapter added to the beef between Akademiks and Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg. The two men may step into a ring to put an end to their disagreement. Rosenberg threw out a challenge to have a celebrity boxing match of sorts to raise $100,000 for charity and DJ Akademiks countered by saying on Wednesday night (December 16) that the two could set up a sparring session at a gym in the next week.

“Ain’t no celebrity boxing that’s gonna go down with me,” Ak explained. “I need $1 million to step in the ring with anybody, but you should DM me and we could spar. I’m giving you that opportunity, Rosenberg, and I don’t give that opportunity a lot. You talking way too crazy.”

He continued, “Hit me up and we’ll spar in the next week. If Rosenberg hits me up in the next week, I’ll spar with him. We’ll find a gym and me and him will spar. No cameras, no nothing and we’ll see what’s up. You know I shitted on you because you a 45-year-old with your bitch, fuck both of y’all.”

Akademiks did state that if the showdown doesn’t occur in the next week, he will not be bothered with Rosenberg and this idea.

“I see you trying to take it physical,” the former Everyday Struggle host said. “I’ll do it for free. It’s gotta be in the next week. If you DM me in the next week, and I don’t respond, screenshot it and expose me. Otherwise, I don’t want to hear shit from you. You’re irrelevant and you start talking that hand shit.”