Akon is known for his many hits and also being a humanitarian with huge business moves such as having Akoin and building cities of the future that has garnered him respect in different parts of the world. However, he sometimes catches flack for some of his viewpoints with controversial figures such as defending Tekashi 6ix9ine right after his prison release with creating music with the New York rapper. His thoughts on R. Kelly after his conviction is also being seen as somewhat controversial.Akon bumped into TMZ and told the outlet about whether or not R. Kelly could be redeemed.”I believe that God makes no mistakes. People can debate back and forth all day but if it’s happening to him, it’s supposed to happen to him, for whatever reason,” said Akon. “Now, that’s something that he has to have within himself to reevaluate his whole life, his way of being, because to get caught up in a situation like that, whatever happens, between him and God.”

“There is always a way to redeem yourself, but you have to first accept the fact that you’re wrong.” He went on to say that “people aren’t here to hate” and mistakes will be made. “He has the right to redeem himself from those mistakes. Even him. He has the right to try to make right by those he hurt.”


Akon added that those people who have allegedly been hurt by Kelly also have the right not to forgive him, but in his opinion, unforgiveness only increases the pain. As far as canceling Kelly and no longer listening to his music is concerned, Akon said, “At the end of the day, you cannot deny his talent.”