Alcohol and Learning: Does Drinking Harm Memory?


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Studying in college is an experience that comes with lots of challenges. Apart from academics, there are also social ones. College life is full of activities you can immerse in, friendships you form, and parties you go through. Finding a balance between studying and partying is essential, as you need both of them to function healthily. And even though you are not a party boy or girl, for sure you have a nice group of friends you spent time with.


Drinking alcohol is mostly a social activity during college. You go out, enjoy dinner with friends, and why not a glass of wine, a beer, and a cocktail? However, alcohol and drinking might not be a good combination, as alcohol has many effects on your body and brain. And maybe the effect you should think about is the one on memory. Does drinking harm memory? Can alcohol and learning be combined? Can you be successful in school if you frequently engage in heavy drinking?


Short-Term Memory


Getting an education in college means taking part in classes, working on your assignments, collaborating with colleagues on group projects, and studying for exams. However, when you combine alcohol and studying, its effects might not be so positive.


This is a topic that is approached within classes too, as students learn about the effects of certain substances on our brains. There is an interesting drunk driving essay for students that highlights the risks alcohol makes you prone to. Everyone who has had at least a few drinks, knows that alcohol strips you away of inhibitions. It gives you the courage to do things you otherwise would not do, such as drunk driving. You can find many essay examples online that highlight the dangers of consuming too much alcohol. And apart from drunk driving, alcohol has a negative effect on your short-term memory too. Free essay samples you can find online, written by experts from an essay service, point to the effects of drinking alcohol on short-term memory.


Everyone who has had more than five drinks in one night might have experienced short-term memory loss. If you engage in heavy drinking, blackouts might be common thing for you. This means that you simply do not remember key details. Short-term losses can have distinct intensities. You may not remember where you have put your phone or you simply do not remember what happened during the night. As alcohol has an effect on the nerves in your hippocampus, it prevents them from forming memories. So, your learning progress can be considerably affected as your brain’s capacity to form memories is considerably diminished by alcohol.


Long-Term Memory


When you engage in heavy regular drinking, you not only affect your nerves’ capacity to form memories, but you may damage them forever. This means that long-term memory formation will severely be affected by heavy intake of alcohol regularly. As drinking alcohol strips you away of the nutrients you need, your brain cells do not have enough energy to form memories.


Even though students might not engage in periods of heavy drinking regularly, they can still contribute to developing dementia. Your long-term memory formation is severely affected by alcohol, which puts a toll on the academic progress of students. Alcohol is indeed mostly used as a recreational substance. However, when you study in college and get an education, you need to keep your mind clear and sharp. Accumulating knowledge requires attention.


You need to have healthy eating and sleeping habits as these have utter importance on your memory formation. It is essential to keep in mind that as you get older, your body will become more sensitive to alcohol and it will stay in your body for longer periods. Which may, in turn, negatively affect the way you learn, study, and experience things.


Final Thoughts


Alcohol is one of the few legal drugs whose effects are not fully acknowledged by those who consume it. It is one of the recreational substances heavily used in almost any context. At parties, birthdays, weddings, or even small social events such as board game nights with friends. As a student, you need to keep your mind clear and sharp so that you can soak in all the information you interact with.


Being a student means you have to go to classes and complete your essays, but this might become increasingly challenging if you are consuming alcohol regularly, as it puts a toll on the nerve cells in your brain responsible for memory formation. Drinking does harm memory so you need to be careful of the frequency and quantities you consume.


Bio lines: Mary Spears is a content writer and blogger. She is interested in the psychology of the human brain and mind-altering experiences. Mary loves going to parties and festivals with friends, but she always limits her alcohol intake.

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