Alfonso Ribeiro Speaks Out On Black Haters Of His White Wife

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carlton banks

Alfonso Ribeiro also known as Carlton Banks recently voiced his concerns about not being fully accepted by black people. For an episode of The CH News Show; Pierre, Capone, and Symphony Thompson discuss Riberio’s claims.

He was famously known in the 1990’s for his role as the rich kid from Belair, Carlton Banks, the cousin of Will from Philadelphia. Fresh Prince of Belair was a groundbreaking event for its time using a popular hip hop star to be the center piece of a sitcom. The layers of societal change at the time of also portraying the contrast between hip hop community and the upper class was not amiss during the series run.

Carlton during one of the early episodes of the series tried to show his cousin that he could fit in a rough neighborhood called with an infamous park. By the end of the show, Carlton becomes a sympathetic character because viewers were able to see his point of view of being born into a rich family made him view the other side of life in a different manner. That difference didn’t mean he was not also experiencing black life in America. It also opened the eyes of Will Smith’s character.

On another episode that drove him this clash of personalities that occurs in the black community, Carlton was doing all the chores and duties of trying to get into  a sorority at his college. Will being from the streets of Philadelphia, got the easier pass because he grew in a tougher situation than his cousin.  The leader of the sorority allowed Will into the fraternity, but Carlton was denied because he felt he put Carlton through work that he put his own bulter, Geoffrey, through on a daily basis.

Luckily, Will Smith stood up for his relative and did not accept the approval of the fraternity. He went on to explain that Carlton was just as black as anyone associated with the group and was someone that was needed for representation of young black males with his educational background.

So it seems a bit of a life imitating art scenario going on according to Alfonso Riberio‘s accusations towards the black community of not accepting is choice of a wife. Check out the interview clip below.