Alicia Keys & NFL Provide $1B To Black Businesses

CELEBRITY NEWS - Kevin Douglas Article


The controversy of Colin Kaepernick kneeling before the national anthem at a NFL aftershock still continues today with the rise of businesses recognizing change needs to occur to the social and justice systems of America. The NFL has received tremendous heat after the problematic blacklisting of Colin Kaepernick.

The NFL seeks to repair the damage by having a partnership with singer/songwriter Alicia Keys. The new relationship will see a new endowment fund to support Black businesses and communities worth $1 billion. The Black-led fund will “create long term solutions with a focus on Black entrepreneurs, businesses, communities, Black schools, banks, and other Black institutions, while addressing persistent social, economic and environmental disparities.”

In a letter published with Billboard magazine, it goes into detail how there has to be tangible action taken by the NFL and Keys illustrated that she has doubts due to the league’s original inaction to help with the cause for change in the United States. The artist believes her influence and reach will be something that the NFL can use to extend their plans for positive changes.

This news came following Alicia Keys’ performance at the NFL’s 2020 Kickoff event on Thursday, where she debuted a new song, “Love Looks Better.”

“I am personally committed to creating meaningful conversations to hold corporations and institutions accountable for their contributions to racial justice,” Keys wrote. “…Four years ago, Colin Kaepernick’s resistance by taking a knee in silent protest was a brave and necessary stand to increase our awareness of the acts and consequences of police brutality. He is still way ahead of his time. What is being accomplished by this performance and these new commitments are meant to deeply honor that this moment is a direct result of his courage and prophecy.”