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Alt.Pop.Repeat Podcast Interview Exclusive

WorldWide Entertainment TV Exclusive

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Alt.Pop.Repeat is a new podcast out of the city of Toronto. Two friends come together to speak about their favorite topics in the world of entertainment. They recently had an interview with WorldWide Entertainment TV.

We learn from the women what it is like launching a new brand in the competitive world of podcasts. The Toronto independent scene was covered as the city is becoming hotbed for entertainment and the music industry.

Marie Nicola was named by Globe and Mail as the Zoe Deschanel of blogging, while she has been documented for her work on the groundbeaking live streaming show called Nat&Marie. Her beauty has also made her achieve some success as Miss Toronto and was a Finalist for Miss World Canada. Her hardwork allowed her to work with the likes of CBC & CBC Olympics to George Stroumboulopoulos.

Her partner on the podcast also has a resume that is nothing to sneeze at. Chrissy Newton is a fan of UFOs and secret societies to ancient civilizations and modern conspiracies. She is an award winning PR professional who is the owner of VOCAB Communications. She brings her industry knowledge to the podcast and gives listeners a viewpoint from a professional standpoint.

The women discuss all their background and so much more in this insightful interview with WorldWide Entertainment TV’s Toronto region. The first season of the podcast had legends such as DMC of the legendary Run DMC rap group and Bif Naked. Check out the interview by listening below.