Amaal – Later


Amaal’s later is her most insightful song to date. She testifies to this on her Instagram page. This is what she had to say about the heartfelt single.

“Later” is the most personal song/video for me…When the person you love goes to jail – you too end up doing time with them and for close to a year I did it all, visits..calls everything! Forgiveness is key and truly understanding people do make mistakes. Its also a proven fact that inmates who receive visits from loved ones are least likely to reoffend and integrate back in to society better.

An amazing fact but also interesting because Jail visits and phone calls can be very expensive for a lot of families making it very difficult! Thankfully I learned about a bus that operates in Toronto called @featforchildren that is extremely affordable. It’s a non profit and the only one that operates in Canada. It’s helped thousands of families connect with their loved ones and I’m beyond thankful for them.

Any shame I felt within myself due to my situation evaporated the minute I started taking the bus. I was surrounded by incredibly powerful women who’s love had no boundaries. It was empowering, non judgmental, and a constant source of support! I dedicate this video to you all and to @featforchildren who made this all possible!


Check out the video below also streaming on WWETV Network Video Zone.