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Worldwide Entertainment TV Vixen Of The Day goes to Amara La Negra. She was first noticed on Love & Hip Hop Miami. Her exotic look could not be ignored as she oozed chocolate with her afro. It seemed like she came out of a 1970’s Ebony or Jet magazine photo shoot that reminded you of the hey day of blaxploitation star Foxy Brown.

Amara La Negra

Spanish-language TV viewers have seen her beauty for years as she was a child star. She made regular appearances on Univision’s Sábado Gigante. La Negra was raised in Miami by Dominican parents and has always felt she would be an entertainer for the world.

I knew at an early age that I wasn’t afraid of a crowd. I was born to be an entertainer.

Amara Le Negra – Rolling Stone

This TV Show Called #SabadoGigante Is Where it all Began for Me Back in #1994 it Was Thanks To My mom That support my Dreams and My vision of being a Super Star That Motivated her to Take Me to an Audition They had In Miami. I was always very Sassy, outspoken and fearless and they loved it! So That Truly Started to build My Path into What i Am Today and all That there is to Come! Iv been so blesses but i have also worked my Ass off! It looks cute on screen but following my dreams at such young age also stopped me from living a regular childhood. Theres alot to the story. Just know it wasnt easy! And til this day its Not easy!

Posted by Amara La Negra on Sunday, May 28, 2017

The comments about Amara’s appearance from people working on the show included telling Amara’s mother that her daughter’s hair was unmanageable and needed to be permed. Eventually Amara didn’t want to fit in anymore and decided to wear her afro.

I know that nobody wants to talk about it, but we suffer a lot of racism, we suffer a lot of colorism, amongst ourselves. You know, I get it all the time: ‘Oh whenever you get married, don’t get married to no black man because you want to better the race

Amara La Negra – NPR 
Se Que Soy Music Video 
Amara La Negra

She has not been without her haters who permeate her social media as her skin color receives both positive and negative comments. She seems to split onlookers with her mixture of Latino and Afrocentric features. 

amara la negra pictured with he mother
Amara La Negra


Amara Le Negra seems to keep it moving and lives her dream of being an entertainer. She appeared recently on Sway In The Morning for SXSW to perform her singles  “Insecure” & “What A Bam Bam”.

Amara La Negra 


Amara La Negra