Andrew Tate Ordered To Remain In Prison On Rape & Trafficking Charges


Self-proclaimed misogynist Andrew Tate will remain behind bars for the next 30 days, a court has ruled according to Associated Press.


Tate and his brother Tristan were arrested related to an investigation into organized crime, rape, and sex trafficking. The social media influencer also has millions of followers across his platforms, and police claim he used his popularity for nefarious deeds.

At least six women were reportedly held at the brothers’ compound, where police claim they were made to create pornographic content. A court ruled to extend Tate’s prison sentence for 30 days as the investigation into his alleged crimes continues.

In addition to the brothers, two women reported as their assistants were also arrested. According to The Associated Press, “the Bucharest Court of Appeal rejected all four appeals against a judge’s Dec. 30 decision to grant prosecutors’ request to extend the arrest period.”

It was noted that a judge was concerned about them being flight risks. Additionally, over a dozen of Andrew’s luxury cars were seized by the authorities. Their worth was in the millions.

Although the brothers’ arrest was initially believed to be because of Andrew trolling Greta Thunberg on Twitter, police say otherwise. Authorities later claimed they were tracking the Tates for months as their pieced together their investigation.

It is alleged that the purported victims in this case were first coerced under the pretenses of a romantic relationship. Then, they were “intimidated,” held against their will, kept under surveillance, and “subjected to other control tactics.”

Check out a report about one of the alleged victims below.

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