Andrew Wiggins Felt “Forced” To Take Vaccine To Play In NBA

SPORTS NEWS - Kevin Douglas Post


The NBA is following the mandates put down by the United States government for vaccines and some NBA players including Andrew Wiggins feel “forced” into the act.

The young NBA star, Wiggins, told media on Monday October 4th, that he felt the league and government was making him do something against his will. The Golden State Warriors forward was trying to prevent taking the needle and had applied for a religious exemption with the NBA, but it seems the league got its wishes with him finally caving in to take the jab.

The Bay Area health officials are stringent upon people taking the vaccine and is also now requiring anyone 12 or older to be fully vaccinated to attend indoor events.

“The only options were to get vaccinated or not play in the NBA,” Wiggins said. “It was a tough decision. Hopefully, it works out in the long run and in 10 years I’m still healthy.”