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“Angel Of Dust” Horror Flick By Wu-Tang’s RZA & Ghostface Killah

Wu Tang took the hip hop by storm in the 90’s with their fascination over kung-fu flicks. The whole squad from RZA to Method Man to Raekwon to Ghostface Killah and everyone in between brought something special to the rap scene. Through their skills and determination became legends of rap. They are now moving from visuals for songs like C.R.E.A.M. to making big screen projects.

Deadline reports “Angel Dust” film is inspired by real-life experiences and stories that happened around the hood in Staten Island Projects where the legendary rap group grew up.

The plot was created by Ghostface Killah and longtime manager Caruso, with the script written by Matt Leslie and Stephen J. Smith (The Harrowing, Summer of ’84).

In addition, fans can expect the soundtrack to be produced by Ghostface Killah and Caruso, with RZA doing the score.