Another Pop Smoke Murder Suspect Confessed To Police Plant Unknowingly

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A cellmate that was actually a police plant disguised as a gang member got a confession from a suspected killer of rapper Pop Smoke.

Recently, it was reported that the 15-year-old suspect who had been arrested for his connection to the fatal robbery had allegedly confessed to a cellmate at a juvenile detention center that he was the one who ultimately shot Pop Smoke. To the teenager’s chagrin, his conversation with his cellmate was recorded and used as evidence against him. Now, new details have emerged from a preliminary hearing for Corey Walker, the 20-year-old suspect in the case. Surprisingly, he also allegedly confided in someone who he believed to be his cellmate.

Unfortunately for Walker, the cellmate who he reportedly admitted his guilt to was a police plant who was posing as a gang member. According to Complex, LAPD detective Carlos Camacho testified in court last week that Walker told the plant that he was a member of the Hoover Criminals, he had driven to the Airbnb that Pop was renting on February 18, 2020, with four “youngsters,” and he brought along gloves, masks, and a police scanner to help avoid the authorities.

Complex also reports that Walker admitted to arming two of the teenagers — the 15-year-old with “the heat” and “the guy from Stevenson Village” with “the burner” — before they entered the house, but he maintained that he waited inside the car and told the teenagers, “don’t use my shit.”

Along with the news that the parties involved fled the scene and sold Pop Smoke’s watch for $2000, this new development makes the crime seem even more nonsensical. Stay tuned as more details from this ongoing case emerge, and as always, rest in peace, Pop Smoke.